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A Week of Meal Planning: Keto Style

As a busy mom of 3, I know how important family dinners are, but coming up with what to make, and making the grocery run, and then cooking it all is a lot to think about. I'm excited to give y'all a plan for dinners for ALL OF NEXT WEEK! That's right- 5 meals, plus tweaks and kid-friendly adaptations and a grocery list! Let's get to it!

Grocery Shopping List: Meats: 2 lbs Sausage, 5 lbs Chicken breasts (can do less), 2 lbs ground beef, fresh pepperoni, Dairy: fresh mozzarella, shredded mozzarella, shredded cheddar, 3 blocks cream cheese, Velveeta, Produce: lettuce, burger toppings, fresh broccoli, 4 green peppers, salad mix (if desired) Extras: Buffalo Sauce, Hawaiian Rolls for kids (not Keto!), Ranch Seasoning, Cumin, Lemon juice, Italian Seasoning, Basil, Diced Jalapeños, Chicken Broth, 2 can Rotel, crushed red pepper, jar low carb Marinara sauce

So now you've got your groceries, here's your menus!

Mini Keto Burgers

Need: 2 lbs ground beef, shredded cheese, burger toppings, buns (optional for Kiddos)

Pat out and brown your burgers, add shredded cheddar to melt, add burger on top of lettuce leaf and top as you like your burgers. For Kid-friendly burgers, we served them on little Hawaiian rolls with a side of fruit.

Keto Peppers

The one that started it all, and I would say is probably the favorite of my readers.

Need: 2 lbs sausage, 2 blocks cream cheese, 2 cans Rotel, crushed red pepper, 4 fresh green peppers

Brown sausage and add in cream cheese, crushed red pepper for a little kick, and the Rotel, mix well and let simmer. Cut and clean out pepper halves. Layer mixture into peppers and bake at 375 for 25 mins. To mix this recipe up, you can add rice (not Keto) OR try ground beef and red bell peppers for a different taste. I'm excited to try this reader suggestion!

Keto Chicken Pizza

Need: chicken breasts, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, basil, Italian seasoning, s&p, marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella

Make slits in the chicken breasts, tuck in pepperoni and mozzarella, sprinkle with basil, Italian seasoning, and s&p. Cover in foil and bake at 375 for 30 mins, uncover and spread Marinara sauce and bake 20 more minutes, sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese when finished. (Give me all the cheese!)

Buffalo Chicken Ranch

Got a busy night next week? Ballgames? Church? Work? This is the one for your quick night!

Need: chicken breasts, buffalo sauce, ranch seasoning (Easy Enough!)

Get out the crockpot, girl and add in the chicken, cover in buffalo sauce, and sprinkle on ranch seasoning. Let all that yumminess cook all day on low while you are at work. When you get home, shred it up, and it's ready to go! Add it to a fresh salad, make kid-friendly sliders with those Hawaiian rolls, or if you want a hot side...try this!

Broccoli & Cheese

Need: fresh broccoli, crushed red pepper, lemon juice, and Velveeta cheese

Add cut up broccoli to a pot and boil in some water, add crushed red pepper and some lemon juice to add some kick and really pull out some flavor. When it's cooked, drain and serve with melted cheese overtop.

Jalapeño Chicken Wraps

Need: chicken breasts, chicken broth, 1 block cream cheese, diced jalapeños, cumin, ranch seasoning, lettuce and toppings

Get the crockpot back out! Add chicken, broth, diced jalapeños, cream cheese and spices and let cook on low all day. When it's done, shred chicken and let cool in fridge. I think the hot mixture wilts the lettuce. Add chilled mixture to a lettuce leaf and add desired topping- sour cream, cheese (of course), salsa. Yum!

So that's a week of homecooked, family- style, healthy meals! Head to the store this weekend and get your groceries and let's start get Monday off to a great start! Love ya girls!

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