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Back to School Lunch Ideas

Hey y'all! As August has just rolled around, that means it's back to school time! My friend, Ann Scarberry, came up with so many great back to school lunch ideas that I wanted to share with you! Be sure to check out her instagram profile for all of these great ideas and many more! Her IG handle is @annscar or you can copy and paste this link to take you directly there:

  1. A homemade lunchable complete with ham, cheese, crackers, pringles, fruit skewers, peeled orange cutie, and a piece of candy. This bento box is from Walmart, I cannot find it online, so be sure to check your local store!

2. Another homemade lunchable idea complete with "Yogurt + Peanut Butter dip", sliced apples for dipping, celery sticks, pretzels, and teddy grahams.

3. Another idea is to make homemade uncrustables! These are so easy and way cheaper than buying at the store. Ann says you can make ahead of time and freeze for later!

4. Everyone loves breakfast for dinner, so Ann says why not make breakfast for lunch?! Add milk to a thermos and chill in the fridge, and then pack a zip lock bag of cheerios and some fruit to pair with it! Voila, breakfast for lunch!

5. Soup and crackers- a quick and easy classic, especially for the colder months ahead. Heat soup and store in a thermos. In the bento box add applesauce, string cheese, and crackers!

A huge thank you to Ann Scarberry for letting me share all of her awesome "Back to School" lunch ideas! Please go check out her IG! @annscar



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