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Bobby Hotel Nashville

A couple of weekends ago LG and I had the best little getaway in Nashville. We stayed at the Bobby Hotel and absolutely loved it! It is such a romantic hotel and perfect for a date night. The Bobby Hotel has a beautiful winding stair case, an art exhibit, a roof top lounge, and great places to eat!

Check out the Bobby Hotel here:

The Bobby Hotel

Tavern at Bobby is a stylish hideaway that pairs elegance and grit. Hand-crafted by our crew, the menu transforms seasonal ingredients into culturally-inspired cuisine.

The Rooftop Lounge at Bobby Hotel provides an eclectic atmosphere that appeals to entrepreneurs and traveling musicians alike. Have drinks in the back of the 1956 retrofitted Greyhound bus under the stars.

Bobby’s Garage is a gritty bar that piques outsiders’ interest with entryway from Printers Alley. The space is adorned with neon art by LA street artist Risk, wall graffiti of guests and passerby, salvaged car parts, and a bar with fire doors fit for any gear aficionado.

Every good morning needs a good beverage, especially at Bobby Hotel; whether it’s an Americano or a little "hair of the dog," we have something for you at our Café.

If you stay at the Bobby Hotel, don't forget to tag your post with #APstyle and tell them Airica sent you. (;



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