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Chinoiserie Christmas

There are two things I love- Chinoiserie & Christmas decor, so this year I decided why not mix the two?!

I started with a flocked Christmas tree. I draped bright ribbons and chair ties as my base colors. Then I took a stack of saucers & small blue willow plates I had collected throughout the house and tied pink ribbons to them. You can do this two ways- you can hot glue them to the back top portion of the plate or you can add ribbon to the plate wall hanger and hang them on the wall again after the holidays.

Then I took my bright pink ribbon and tied large bows to the handles of a dozen teacups. I looped the tea cup handles through the branches for support.

I filled in with pink tassel accents and other Chinoiserie pitchers and vases from around the house. I ordered two boxes of the shatterproof inexpensive ball ornaments and bunched three together (with wire or ornament hooks) to hang in clusters for a larger statement than the single balls. The hot pink taper candles from @tortoiseandharevintage match perfectly, and I plan to light them for holiday parties.

This tree is not complete yet, but I love a project to keep adding to year after year. I plan to start a Chinoiserie ginger jar collection from @theenchantedhome to add to it each year. Rather than buy a tree skirt, I layered pink trays, blue trays, jars, and ornaments underneath to really catch your eye.

This Chinoiserie Christmas room at our home is my outdoor living room, so I pulled throw blankets and pillows from my home in the bright, fun, non-traditional color scheme to add some warmth and coziness to the furniture. The throws are Bargain Hunt finds, don't you love that store? The pillows are a mix of my favorite pillow resources, @shopginnymoon and @wheatonwhaleydesigns.

I added some pine cones to the Chinoiserie planters, lit some seasonal candles, and added a brightly-colored nutcracker everywhere I could find a spot. The pops of color make me so happy! 

I hope you've found some inspiration in my Chinoiserie Christmas display! You can shop lots of similar items here! Stay tuned, 5 more trees to go...

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