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Coffee and Convo: A New Friend

Hillary Froning and I have followed one another for some time on Instagram and shared so many mutual friends but had never met in person.  I asked Hillary if she would be interested in sharing her adoption story with me and she immediately said, "Yes, anything I can do to help!"  I knew she seemed sweet on social media but I had no idea what a treat I was in store for.

When I received the text that she had arrived, I literally squealed! That’s right, out loud!  I opened the door and said, "Come here right now and let me hug you in person!" She was the sweetest thing ever. If it’s possible, Hillary was even better in person than the wonderful lady I'd been following online. So honest, raw and real, but she still looked like a living breathing Barbie doll!  She is insanely gorgeous inside and out. She is so proud to have these three dolls call her "Mommy!"

She & I talked for hours (over 3 to be exact). Sharing tears, laughs, and everything in between. While our journeys to becoming "Mom" are a little different, we both end up in the same position, loving our babies with our whole hearts.

We are so excited to share the highlights of our conversation with you all.  You will not want to miss this video!!

We are considering another video again soon . We both agreed that if we could help answer questions, provide support, or simply inspire one more adoption, it would all be worth it. Sincerely grateful for you Hillary!  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if adoption is on your heart!

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