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Date Night Ideas

Marriage is not a’s a reward. Remember to always help your spouse be the best version of their self. Cheer them on through life, be completely selfless, remind them how lucky you are, never stop dating each other, and live as though you might not see tomorrow.

Since we have dated since kids (literally) we have been in all ages, in different cities, with different finances and different stresses, but we have always made DATE NIGHTS a priority.

Date night ideas:

❤️Game night with music playing alone

❤️Candlelit dinner under the stars in your back yard.

❤️reservations for chefs tasting

❤️pack a bag & head to an @airbnb

❤️go fishing / or camping together

❤️get a massage table for home (spa)

❤️make a date night box for your spouse

❤️leave a love note with what time to be ready for a surprise date.

❤️Attend a concert or writers night

❤️train for a goal together (marathon)

❤️lessons (music, dance, cooking)

❤️coffee house date

❤️visit a new city each year together

❤️workout together as partners

❤️long Sunday drives to new small towns

❤️ homemade pizza & movie 🍿

My dates may seem more luxurious now after 20 years of marriage (and I will not lie they are) but I still recall all the creative ways we dated since day one and it’s pretty spectacular. Money doesn’t create romance, YOU do!



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