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Date Trip Tips: Nashville

It's no secret that I love sneaking away for a long weekend with the hubs. While we love to jet-set around the country, our favorite quick getaway is definitely Nashville. One reason we love Nashville so much is the amazing Omni Hotel- it's like our home away from home.

Anytime we head to Nashville for work or pleasure, the Omni is always our hotel of choice. Whether we choose to spend a relaxing trip at their amazing spa or by their gorgeous pool, or if it's a business trip with client dinners and formal events, the Omni Nashville always delivers!

Every time we travel, I always do what I can to make our time away memorable. I have a few tips to share.

1. Pack Extra. That's right- extra! I am not a light packer and I like to have enough options to match my mood for lunch, dinner, and dates. Make sure you have everything that you would want to look and feel your best.

2. Make it Special. Send your spouse a text or slip them a note telling them how excited you are for your getaway together. Let them know how much you appreciate the time and planning to make this trip happen.

3. Plan Ahead. Make reservations weeks in advance, especially for Nashville. Don't forget to tell the restaurant if you are celebrating a special holiday, birthday, or anniversary. Most will help to make it even more memorable.

With our busy lives, it seems all but impossible to get away for a Date Trip, but always try and make it happen. These special memories with our spouse is what we are building our marriage around. Until next time, Sidekicks!

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