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Dressing my little heartthrob

I love fashion and styling myself, husband and kids. While girls always seemed easier to style, with bows and beautiful dresses, dressing John Crewe (and Greene, when he was smaller) is so much fun!

I've got lots of inspo pics and shopping pics in this post AND a special treat for you at the bottom of the post! Don't Miss It!

With little boys, I love a mix of dressing him like a little man, with a nice button up and bowtie or a blazer, which I think is a staple piece, and mixing those with the adorable jon jons, bubbles, and knee socks. (LG would NOT agree!)

For casual style, my little guy loves shorts and tshirts, and I mix it up with button ups and fun accessories (yes, boys have accessories too!) like these fun rain boots.

I shop for my kids mainly at ReadySetGrow Kids , a local children's boutique in Cookeville. They have so many great pieces for boys and girls and the brands they carry are some of my favorites.

These accessories are so fun, and they have loads of colors and style in stock and on sale. The blazer in the middle is similar to the one John Crewe is wearing above (linked here-ReadySetGrow Kids), and I love it for a closet staple piece.

These jon jons and button downs are similar to the styles I always pick for John Crewe, and I love that they scream "Little Man".

So, I've got BIG NEWS for you today! I've partnered with ReadySetGrow Kids to bring my blog readers (that's you!) a special discount code so you can dress your little heartthrob with these new styles and staple pieces. Use the code AIRICA10 for 10% off your orders at ReadySetGrow Kids!! (code cannot be used on ReadySetGrow Prom, Pageant, and Bridal)

So get shopping, girls and give those little heartthrobs an extra hug from me!

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