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fall into style

From our home to yours, I hope you are enjoying the changing of the leaves and the new season that is upon us. I love celebrating everything in life from the small things to the large; and I admit that fall is one of my favorite times to decorate my home!

I love the comfort foods, the smell of falling leaves, and the vibrant orange hue that encompasses everything.

I thought I’d show you a few “sneak peeks” into my home and some of my favorite decorating ideas for this year.

For several of the fun seasons that I think my children will enjoy, I like to decorate their Jack & Jill bathroom. I have two custom bean bags for them to stand on to brush their teeth.(Unfortunately, that is not an issue for my 10 year old son, Greene, who is almost as tall as me now.)

I love to decorate the house with pieces of their art, which I’m excited that you will be seeing more of on the blog from season to season.

As I often say, the kitchen is the heart of our home. I love decorating the kitchen island with seasonal snacks (great for “grab-and-go”), a scented candle that’s perfect for the season, and then, actual things we use, such as our china or serving ware for that holiday. To add a bit more fun for the kiddos, I try and fit in colorful napkins and disposable straws. They love it!

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