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five ways to pamper yourself

Everyone deserves to pamper themselves. Whether it a full on spa day, or just running a bubble bath at home, pampering yourself can really make you feel refreshed.

1. Wash your hair and style it. Nothing feels better than a fresh blowout! My favorite curling iron is my Hot Tools one linked here:

2. Give yourself a fresh mani pedi or go to the salon and get one! Having your nails done makes you feel so put together. I usually go to Luxury Nails and Spa in Cookeville, but some great nail polishes for an at home mani pedi are the L.A. Girl Gel Nail Polishes linked here:

3. Do a self-tanner! It gives you an instant glow. My favorite is the St. Tropez linked here:

4. Run yourself a bubble bath to relax. You deserve it. My favorite bath essentials are from Laguna Herbal and are linked here:

5. Move your body! Even it is just a walk...exercise is not something we always look forward to, but it makes you feel so good when you are finished. I am so grateful for the ability to move my body.



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