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gameday t-shirt diy

One of my favorite things to do to a game day t-shirt is put my own APstyle spin on it. With a little cutting here and there it can totally change the whole look of your plain tee. The best part is...there really isn't a way to mess it up! You just cut it exactly how you want it. However, for those of you that want a little more guidance, I will walk you through it with this easy tutorial!

1. Start off with a basic tee

2. Cut out the neckline

3. Cut slits and holes in sleeves to give it a distressed look

4. Keep cutting spots that you want more distressed. Like I said, you can't mess this up!

As you wash the shirt overtime, the edged you cut will start to roll up. I really love that part of it! I also cut each side at the bottom and tied each side into knots.

That's it! I can't wait to see your distressed t-shirts, Sidekicks!



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