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granny ann's beans

The key to making good beans...cook them long and slow.


-Dried beans

-Crisco or oil

-Meat for flavor (Ham, Bacon, etc.)

-Salt and Pepper


1. Start with well rinsed dried beans. You should rinse two to three times to be sure they are clean, and there are no rocks or anything in them.

2. Add water to the pot, fully covering the beans until the water reaches about 1.5 inches above the beans.

3. Add Crisco and your meat of choice to flavor the beans. I used bacon.

4. Season to taste, and boil for about 20 minutes.

5. Reduce heat to low, and let beans simmer all day long until ready to serve.

We love to pair these with cornbread, and garden fresh vegetables.

The link to my favorite dutch oven is here:



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