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"If I Could Reach Them, I would Give You The Stars"

To celebrate LG and I's 20th wedding anniversary, I am going to share with y'all my favorite tips for dating and marriage.

My eighth grade annual writing from LG (circa May 1995)

Dating tips & rules my parents raised me on......

*Never have a boyfriend that is not marriage material because you are just opening yourself up to fall in love with someone who is not marriage material.

*Never call a boy, let them call you and that way you always know if they are wanting to talk to you.

*Never entertain mixed company in your bedroom while dating.

*No dating until 16 years old.

( LG was my boyfriend for two years before I was allowed to go on a date with him)

*Make your dates special. Plan ahead and let them know you care about how you look for them.

*Love God first and foremost. If your mate does the same, you will always agree on that. He will bring you back together.

As a young adult I thought my parents were just being “strict,” now I realize they had my best interest in mind and saved me a lot of heart ache. I will always be grateful for their guidance as my parents.



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