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Like to know it tutorial

You probably hear me talk about linking things y'all ask about in my "Like to Know It" often . I have realized a lot of you do not know to use this awesome app, so I have posted a tutorial below! The link to my like to know it is here:

  1. On the app store- search "Like to know it" and download the app.

  2. Click sign in and create an account.

  3. Click the magnifying class icon in the bottom right corner and select "influencer search."

  4. Search for "airicapuckettstyle".

  5. When my name pops up click "follow".

To find a specific item on my page:

  1. Click on the picture you are searching for.

  2. Below the picture is where everything is linked, so choose the item you are looking for and click "shop".

  3. The link should take you to where you can shop the exact item you are looking for!



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