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Opryland Gaylord Resort and Soundwaves Waterpark

Opryland Gaylord is a perfect location for “family” time. There is so much for kids of all ages to do. The attached indoor water park, SoundWaves, was a huge hit for my children, and even great for rainy days since it has a huge indoor facility.


-This location was perfect for a 2-3 day escape or family experience. I would not have wanted to stay a full week. I also recommend you considering the expansive property if you have any elderly going with you. There is a lot of walking over this huge resort.

-Take a cooler backpack that you can carry your kids favorite snacks, drinks, etc to have throughout the day at the water park. The fountain drinks are free refills, and we definitely used the refills with the heat of the day.

-The restaurants had incredible food. Our family loved the fish tacos, lobster roll, chicken quesadilla & cheeseburger from the Water Sound Restaurant.

-The pizzeria is a must! It was our favorite!! It is located in the Opryland Commons with several other restaurant options, Carvel ice cream, Cinnabon, a toy store, & Starbucks.

I loved meeting sidekicks that recognized our family here! Such a happy place and everyone seemed to be having fun. All in all- APstyle would recommend Opryland Gaylord for a family adventure or celebration but not a couples resort. #SoundWavesResort #OprylandGaylord



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