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Red White & BLUE Christmas

If you've been around here very long, you know my family values patriotism and loves our country. This year, with LG on board, we decorated our theme tree in full stars and stripes and I love how it turned out.

I bought this flocked tree last year on Amazon. Click here to shop this gorgeous flocked tree. Now for all the details I mixed in to fill this tree up. For years, my mother and grandmother have gifted me with fun, patriotic nutcrackers and flair and I was excited to be able to incorporate all of that. I used my Fourth of July decor and pulled out the small flags, buntings, and ribbons, draping them all over the tree. The gold federal eagles are part of my collection that stays up year-round, and they fit in so nicely.

I love the idea of using the kids' artwork from years past, so I tucked in some of John Crewe's art. I also added in our treasured Tennessee ornaments. First Lady Haslam sent me hand blown official state ornaments each year and I cherish them. Each of them is a small reminder of what makes this state so great!

For the topper, I got a little crazy! I added my largest federal eagle, made sure he was secured well, and then added Uncle Sam's hat on the backside at the top. It's fun and whimsical, but couldn't be more patriotic.

For the skirt, I pulled out an antique red, white, and blue quilt. It added just the right touch, I think. Beside the tree, I hung a Federal mirror from the curtain rod and added a few America- themed books to the side table.

Overall, I love the look, and what it stands for! I have saved my complete Christmas home tour in my highlights on my page, so if you missed anything or want more video details, head over there! Merry Christmas, Sidekicks!

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22. Sept. 2022

Great read, thanks for sharing this

Gefällt mir
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