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Rock The South

The festival we went to was called "Rock the South”. Our friend Josh Kiser with “Kiser Kountry” was performing along with tons of other big names like Nelly, Miranda Lambert, & Luke combs. We had fun with our friends at the festival, but left the venue, which was in the middle of a large farm pasture, early due to lightning and rain storms. We made the most of it and still continued to have fun with our friends in the city of Birmingham! I have a blog post coming about everything we did there! (;

We had VIP tickets, which gave us seats close to the stadium, beverage services, & air conditioned bathrooms. I would highly recommend that for outdoor venues because it was 93 degrees and very humid.


-Wear socks and comfy shoes

-Wear light/airy clothes

-Take a ponytail holder (Do not make the same mistake I did! LG had to announce he would pay $5 to anyone that would give me a ponytail holder because I was so desperate for one!)

-Take a hand towel or bandana to wet with cool water and place on your neck!



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Love the fringe tops.

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