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shopping charlotte

Shopping in Charlotte was wonderful! It felt like a mix of Nashville and Dallas to me. The drive to the SouthPark Mall, which so many recommended, reminded me of the drive through Dallas, Texas streets.  

The trees overlapped each other and hung over the streets.  All the road signs and stores were low to the ground and somewhat hidden.  Curbs lined all the roads and the historic larger renovated homes were exquisite! I drove around for awhile just looking and taking it all in.  That is when I arrived at my favorite store, Capitol Charlotte.

While there, they had famous high heel designer Marion Parke in store for the day with her trunk show.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her and trying on her heels.  Wow! What a sweet, down-to-earth fashionista she is!  She is totally right, her heels are different! She designs them with high-class but also uses her background as a Podiatrist.  She takes her experience as a reconstructive foot doctor and applies it to the construction of the arch in her heels with greater support.  I added the first pair of her heels to my collection that day (the sparkly glitter ones) and hope to continue my collection.  Her attention to detail is right on! Check out our interview:

I also hit the H&M, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, and others that day, but my best “treasure” was on the way home when we stopped in Asheville to eat at Tupelo Honey. As we pulled in, I noticed a consignment store named Clothes Mentor, and ask my husband to get us a table while I checked out the consignment store.

I get all kinds of excited when I spot a consignment store just waiting for the “treasures” I might find.  When I walked, in the gentleman, named Chip, who worked there said he had some stuff for me.

Boy was he right!  A pair of Valentino heels I had been eyeing for a couple years was sitting there- new in the box, dust bag, original price tag and all! I scored big time and left paying less than 30% of the value of those heels!  Just wait for me to rock the bronze Valentino rockstar 3 inch heels!  I will love them so much better knowing I found them at such a bargain! Thank you all for sharing your favorite Charlotte shops with me, they did not disappoint.

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