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Treasure Hunting Tips

My mother, aunt, and I had the BEST time treasure hunting. We founds so many great things. I have compiled pics of our finds, and tips for hunting below!

It’s better to not go for anything in particular, and just buy things you like that bring you joy.

Don’t judge a shop by it’s exterior. Hidden gems can literally be anywhere.

Think classic! Crystal, silver, china, flatware, original art, etc....all of these items are great ALWAYS.

Don’t think when you are Christmas, birthday, or gift shopping your gift has to be new. “New to me” are some of my favorite gifts I have been given.

Think: "Where will I use this?" If you have multiple spots in’s a great item to purchase. If you can’t think of somewhere- walk away from it.

I often take pictures of items I am unsure of, and come back for them if I can’t get them out of my mind.



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