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brand builders retreat

I have followed Jenny Reimold for some time on Instagram and when I saw that she was collaborating with a friend to host their own retreat- I was immediately intrigued to attend. I texted my friend Hillary Froning and said, “let’s go!” She was as excited as I was, and we both signed up within 20 minutes. We quickly got both of the hubs on board and booked a couples trip to attend this retreat.

The information I obtained from the meeting was much more than I anticipated. I texted my husband halfway through the first day of the retreat and said this meeting has already been worth what I paid for it.

The amount of knowledge and experience that was shared through the keynote speakers and organizers was incredible. I was sitting in a room with so many entrepreneurs eager to learn more, grow and help others along their paths.

The swag bags we received were filled with amazing goodies!

My favorite part was when we would all talk and brainstorm to help one another’s businesses.

The friendships, connections, and experienced knowledge that I received at this retreat were invaluable. Of course, in the afternoons after sessions- Hillary and I would return to meet the guys for dinner plans. Each evening we discussed what we had learned and the people we had meet.

It’s amazing how many business ideas the four of us could come up with when we all inspired each other and were thinking together.

I am ready to book the next feature at already. Let’s do a Brand Builders Retreat round two ladies!



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