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Fa La La La Fox Hunt

Fa la la la Fox Hunt was such a traditional week of tartan plaids, classic pieces, and antiques blended with modern pieces to formulate our families first ever Fox Hunt Christmas tree.

I started with my new flocked tree from Amazon that I am obsessed with. I installed the tree from the box in less than 15 minutes by myself.  Yes it was messy but totally worth all the vacuuming, it is so gorgeous. 

I added 1200 white wire/ white lights (12/100 light boxes) to the tree.  Then I began layering and bustling in wide solid red ribbon & wide tartan with velvet ribbon. I purchased 25 plastic toy horses from the dollar tree and spray painted them metallic gold. I then knotted a fishing line to them so that I could make them into ornaments.

I pulled my fox hunt tea set collection from the pantry, added tartan ribbons, and hung them on the tree.  I also hung vintage hunting napkin rings and @pomgrante_inc printed napkins from the tee.  This tree stands in the hearth area of our kitchen, so I found it perfectly fitting to add pieces from the dinning room. 

I have antique horse riding hats that I added to the tree and a hunting horn that I placed at the top of the tree from a large bow.  The tree also has tassels, silver glass ornaments & silver mint julep glasses.

I framed family equestrian pictures in gold frames and hung them from tartan ribbon on the tree. My sweet friend @stylinbrunette made our family custom tartan monogrammed ornaments and I ordered some other custom Fox ornaments. 

Horse figurines, bits, and equestrian flair from around the house are placed all over the tree.  Horse trophies hang from branches and a stone horse head sits below the tree on a horse-bit tray.  Instead of a tree skirt I chose to use a gray basket and love the extra space it gives.   

I placed Hunter riding boots under the tree and Mr.McGee our new fox sits beside the tree in a chair.  McGee was a gift from some dear friends for the theme tree.

Mixing vintage collections, family photos, and dollar tree bargains makes this tree completely #airicapuckettstyle!! If you've found inspiration in this tree, I've linked lots of similar items in my Amazon account here!

Merry Falalala Fox Hunt!!

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