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Lucky Charms Treats

One of my kids' favorite cereals is Lucky Charms. All of its sugary, marshmellow-y goodness makes it so hard to resist. We all piled in the kitchen one night this week and made a yummy Lucky Charms treat that I am excited to share with you all today!

This recipe is a play on a childhood favorite of mine that my mother would always make for my brother and me, called Military Cookies. All my friends remember these cookies as a sleepover treat that you could count on! I do my own twist to make this recipe a fun, seasonal treat for my kids.

You will need:

2 bags of white chocolate (I prefer almond bark, but didn't have any around the house.)

2 cups Lucky Charms

1 cup Cheerios

2 cups mini marshmellows

sprinkles (For taste, I prefer to leave the sprinkles out, but my daughter felt like we needed all the shades of the rainbow- so Sprinkles it was!)

First, melt the white chocolate or almond bark in a large, microwavable bowl. We added pink and blue food coloring to get Purple chocolate!

Next, add in the Lucky Charms cereal, Cheerios cereal, mini marshmellows (Surprise!-We used colored ones!) and sprinkles. Mix everything together well and spoon out onto wax paper to harden.

The most important part of this recipe is to include your kids and the enjoy family time! You never know what memories you will be making. We laughed and sneaked sugar-y bites and had the best night!

I love sharing recipes with my sidekicks! Here are a couple more we hope to try this month.

Lucky Charms Marshmellow Treats need 1/2 cup butter, 8 cups mini marshmellows, and 10 cups Lucky Charms cereal. Grease a 9x13 pan, Melt butter and add in mini marshmellows, reduce heat and stir in cereal, press mixture into pan and allow to cool 1 hour.

Lucky Charms Munch needs 1 box Lucky Charms cereal, 6 cups pretzel sticks, 8 oz almond bark, 1 bag M&Ms, and sprinkles. Pour out cereal and seperate marshmellows, mix pretzels, M&Ms, and marshmellows together, melt almond bark and pour over mixture, spread mixture out into single layer to harden, then crumble up. YUM!

If you try any fun Lucky Charms recipes, send me pics! I'd love to see you and your family making memories too! Have a great rest of the week!

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