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Mexican Crockpot Chicken

This meal is a family fan favorite for Monday nights around our house! No excuse to not have dinner at least once around the table with your family this week- even if yours is on the go like mine! (;

Crockpot's can become your best friend when needing to cook quick and easy meals! Check out my favorite crockpot on my Like to Know It linked here:

This meal can be used so many different ways and is so versatile to our family and is a great summer fix!


-Chicken breasts

-Packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Powder

-Two drained cans of corn

-Two drained cans of black beans

-Two drained cans of Rotel


-Combine all ingredients and put lid on. Cook for 4 hours on high and 8 hours on low.

I have served this a number of ways- it is great the next say served chilled in a wrap with fresh lettuce, and also for pinwheels. I also love to make quesadillas with this. For a keto option you can throw this on a fresh bed of lettuce to make it a taco salad. I have also served this as an appetizer with Frito corn chips or tostadas.

Make it a point to eat around with your table with your family at least once this week and never forget to bless your food.



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